You Could Use Some Exercise

Need a story idea? Look on the map.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.26.36 AM

STEP ONE: Find a word using this random word generator — click WATCHOUT4SNAKES.

STEP TWO: Search for the word on a map of the U.S. — click  GOOGLE MAPS. If there aren’t at least half a dozen red dots (locations) on the map, find another word and repeat the process. When you have at least 6 red dots on the map, click on one of them (your choice). It could be a town, a business, a sightseeing destination, etc.

STEP THREE: If the destination you’ve discovered has a website, go there. If it doesn’t have a website, use google to search for information. One way or the other, find an image related to the destination.

STEP FOUR: Create a story idea based on the image. Two or three sentences are all you need (see “Lobster Roll” example below).

Here’s an example:

#1  Random word = “Soup.”

#2  Clicking on a red dot reveals D’Angelo’s Sandwich Shop (soup is on the menu)

#3  Website features photos of sandwiches.

# 4  Choose lobster roll because it looks delicious.


Story Title: Roll of a Lifetime


A fresh New England hot dog roll is bored with sausage. He falls in love with a delicious bowl of lobster salad and they cling together in a passionate embrace, realizing that life is short and they’ll soon be eaten.


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